Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one

Flowers and a Happu Valentine's Day Message

Valentine’s Day, a celebration that is long present in the United States, is becoming ever more popular worldwide.

The origin of the festivity is murky at best since many legends and facts have been intertwined or added to during recounting over the years.

A very explanatory historical article about the many possible origins of the celebration, which nowadays is celebrated on the 14th of February, can be found here.

In modern times, however, people – mostly couples – use this date as an excuse to spend time together and to give gifts to dear ones.

The 14th of February is a date when couples plan surprises, schedule romantic dates, and exchange presents, while close acquaintances meet simply to celebrate their friendships.

Cards, chocolates, small gifts, souvenirs, or wine are some of the most popular traditional gifts given on this day. But why not innovate and do something different this year?

We have prepared some different ideas for Valentine’s Day presents to give you a hand and make your decisions easier this year.

1. Learn something together

If you and your boyfriend or husband are into cooking, why not enroll in some cooking classes?

Learning how to make sushi, sauces, or some kind of dessert together can be a great way to grow closer and improve your cooking skills at the same time.

Other courses that would be very interesting while at the same time helping you both to learn various skills are:

– Language classes

– Skiing or snowboarding lessons

– Scuba-diving

– Roller-skating

2. Do charity

If you are a couple that cares about animals, the elderly, or orphans, a great idea is to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by making somebody else’s day happier.

To start off, schedule a day to visit an animal shelter, nursing home, or orphanage together. It’ll be a day full of happiness.

3. Go to a sky-scraping restaurant

Dining is a very obvious first choice for Valentine’s Day but you can innovate by taking your loved one to a dinner with a view.

Enjoy your favorite dish together, try some new dessert and why not go for a nice night-walk just the two of you to enjoy the fresh air together?

4. Buy gifts

If you are the type of person that cannot skip buying a gift, we have some suggestions for you:

Bedroom with synthetic textile pillow and pillow covers. Perfect for dust and dust mite allergic people.

Throw Pillows: Besides adding a great accent to the room, they present the perfect excuse to take a nap. Also, you can always buy new pillowcases as replacements to renovate the look of the room.

Candles: If you haven’t yet given your loved scented candles, this could be the perfect option. Good quality candles are a great idea for long winters as they add a great aroma to the ambiance.

Plants: Plant lovers never get tired of buying (or receiving) plants! Lemon or orange trees, olive trees, or any potted greenery that is easy to be taken care of and to survive indoors will make your loved one happy.

Let us know if you have any other ideas on how to spend this lovely day with friends or as a couple!

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