Cool Ideas for Living Room Decor

The living room is the area where we probably spend most of our time while at home. It’s where we host our guests and hang out, spend time chatting, watching TV, working, or reading books. To feel pleasant and relaxed, the living room decor should be thoughtfully set up and implemented with care. If you struggle to find inspiration, here are a few tips on how to bring a cool touch to your favorite home area.

Open up the living room space

Big and open space gives us a feeling of comfort and freedom. If your living room area is not too spacious, there is always the option to play with different features to get the feeling of a larger area. One way to visually create more space and brighten up the living room is by using mirrors. Choosing different sizes and shapes, placing bright colors in strategic areas can do miracles. Especially when it comes to bringing some extra light into your space.

Colorful palette suggestion to decorate your living room

Play with colors and patterns

It’s already well known that white, gray, and beige belong to the neutral trio when it comes to decoration colors. However, the latest trends for living rooms in 2020 changed the rules. Darker colors seem to become part of the neutral tones, including black, sage green, and navy blue.

Living room decorated with neutral color palette

Regardless of all the trends, the advice is to be bold when it comes to combining different colors and patterns, or materials in the drawing-room interior. You can take the best bits from various styles, combine them and bring your own touch to it. One of the great ways to highlight the details is by adding contrast with some living room things, to make it more vivid and elevate the room.

dark colors choice for living room decoration

It’s all about the details 

Although very often neglected, details can make all the difference to the living room style. They can help to reach harmony and enrich the whole space. You can point out the details by adding wallpapers as interior wall decor, pillows in different colors, sizes, and shapes. As a result, space will feel more vivid.

So feel free to throw some cool patterned cushions around, or add the final touch to space with some diverse living room accessories.

decorative pillows and throw pillows in neutral colors

Add personal touch to your living room decor

strong colors decoration for living room: frame, pillows, decorative pillows and other decorative items

No matter which style you choose to integrate into your living room area, what is important is that you bring your personal touch into it. It will appear to be more authentic and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to combine different styles and shades. For instance, the eclectic style is a modern method of interior design that encourages deriving ideas from a diverse range of sources, resulting in creating a modern space with various styles, details, and pieces. It also gives you more freedom when it comes to adding your own details to space. Although this style allows a lot of freedom, be careful to add some sense to those combinations. To find guidelines and ideas on eclectic style, check out for some inspiration online. 

Living room decor can be an exciting and fun activity. Make sure you listen to your own gut and let the inspiration guide you to create your dream living room space. And don’t forget to be bold and playful!

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