Mother’s Day gifts and Activities

Creative ideas for Mother’s Day among presents and fun activities

Before we talk about gifts ideas and activities for Mother’s Day, what about a bit of history?

Did you know that in 1910 West Virginia was the first estate to actually celebrate, on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day? However, only in 1914, it became an official celebration.

Nowadays, Mother’s Day can be considered one of the most celebrated holidays around the world, although not all countries celebrate such an especial date on the same day.

And thinking of all lovely mothers, we will give you a hand to choose the best way to make a homage to yours on Mother’s Day.

Great gifts for moms can be found everywhere. Mothers like clothes, makeups, perfumes, body creams, SPA treatments. Also, they love seeing the house tidy and happy, so why not opt for some new pillows, plants and flowers that will cheer up the deco?

I know! Possibilities are so many but it’s not that easy to make the right choice. That’s why this moment of decision is so important and your deep knowledge of your mother will be necessary to guide you to the right gift.

We will give you some creative ideas for mother’s day gifts and activities to make your mom truly happy. Let’s get started?

Cook for her on Mother's Day

1- Cook for her on Mother’s Day

Mothers are always ready to cook for the family. What about switching places with her on this special day?

Preparing her favorite dish and dessert will bring a smile to her face and warm up her heart.

Decorate the table, distribute tasks among family members and come together to celebrate this amazing person which is your mamma!

Take your mother on a short trip with you somewhere

2- Take your mother on a short trip with you somewhere

Enjoy Mother’s Day with exclusivity, if you can!

What about taking your mother on a day trip? This is the perfect opportunity to spend some quiet and fun time with her while exploring some new neighborhood, park, or even a close-by city. Why not?

Start the day with a nice breakfast in some neighboring bakery before hitting the road. Then, get to walk, take part in some guided tour, or simply driving around. Afterward, find a good restaurant, have lunch together and buy her some souvenirs.

Spa voucher for two: mother and daughter day!

3- Spa voucher for two: mother and daughter day!

Give your mother a break! All moms need a relaxing day!
Have you thought about giving a real relaxing day to your mother? Our suggestion for you is the following: find a nice SPA close by and buy your mother a nice package that includes massage, thermal/hot pools, skin care and whatever else they offer.

She will definitely love it!

Redecorate your mom's favorite room

4- Redecorate your mom’s favorite room

Have you already thought about redecorating your mothers’ favorite room? She would go crazy with this one!

Repaint the wall, bring in some new flower and plant pots, buy some new pillows, change the carpet, etc… The ideas can’t stop here. This is the opportunity you have to put your creativity to work at the same time you bring to life items and ideas that are your mother’s.

How? Remember the comments she has made on what she likes/dislikes. What she would like to improve in the room. Try to remember what her favorite colors are, textiles, stand lamps, etc…

Have fun and remember you are doing this for your dear mother!

And last, but never least, don’t forget to include your siblings and father in the surprise preparation. Mothers like seeing their kids in harmony and gathered around her.

Do you want to know more about the origins of Mother’s Day? Watch the short video by History on the following link:

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