60+ Decorative Throw Pillows for Kids, Toddlers, and Nurseries

Enjoy the list of decorative throw pillows we have prepared for you!

If you are looking for decorative throw pillows for Kids, Toddlers, and Nurseries, you came to the right place.

We have prepared for you a selection of more than 60 pillows that will for sure grow on you!

Most of the pillows we chose are 22″x22″ and 18″x18″ and are sorted in the following categories:

  • Bears and Pandas
  • Dinosaurs and Reptiles
  • Dogs and Puppies
  • Cats and Kittens
  • Rabbits and Bunnies
  • Different styles and animals

However, If you want pillows that are 20”x12′‘, refer to our Kids main section HERE.

Our mission, as a brand, is to help you elegantly decorate your kid’s bedroom and nurseries at the same time you bring joy to the little ones in a ludic way.

Enjoy our selection, it was made for you!

Bears and Pandas

Kids love the idea of bears and pandas. For them, Bears are seen as Big, Fluffy, and Huggable animals, just as our pillows.

With elegant designs, the MK Pillows Bears and Pandas collection features colorful and creative pictures of bears for pajama parties, birthday celebrations, more winterish home events, and so on.

Multiple colors are also used in our collection, so it’s easy for you to combine the pillow with a great variety of styles and color palettes.

Bear in a Crown Throw Pillow

Bear in a Crown Throw Pillow

To buy any of the pillows above, go directly to section Bears and Pandas:

To buy the first featured pillow (Princess Panda), click here.

Dinosaurs and Reptiles

Dinosaurs may be extinct for centuries, but they are surely the most alive creatures in our kids’ minds.

Big, powerful, and intriguing, those creatures call the attention of our kids very easily whenever they see it: on the TV, on T-shirts, in the teddy bear shape, like toys, on books, and even in decorative throw pillows.

If you are willing to sharpen your kids’ minds and make them curious about science, a Dino pillow can be a great beginning!

Buy any of the pillows above here: MK Pillows Dinosaurs Collection

Dogs and puppies

We all love Dogs and Puppies so much. They are one of the best companies we, as human beings, can have in our lives.

We live so many memorable moments together that they are considered members of our families and, for many times, they know us more than ourselves.

If you want to raise a kid respecting and loving animals, having one decorative puppy throw pillow will help you to introduce those adorable creatures to your little ones.

Take a look at our gallery below and choose your favorite.

Shop Dogs and Puppies Pillows here:

Cats and kittens

Cats are lovely fluffy creatures.

Therefore, we have prepared a collection of creative throw pillows to decorate your kid’s room with great style! Take a look at our gallery below and choose the one that matches better your child’s personality and taste!

Shop now:

Rabbits and Bunnies

No matter if it’s Easter or not. Bunnies and Rabbits are fluffy and lovely creatures that we would like to have around all over the year, right?!

Have you already thought about adding some bunny throw pillow to your kid’s room decor?

Take a look at our selections below and have fun!

You can buy Rabbits and Bunnies decorative throw pillows here: and the Rabbit Princess throw pillow, here.

Different styles and animals

We have made a random selection of throw pillows containing Unicorns, Pig, Walrus, Elephant, Deers, Tiger, and Birds.

Featuring different colors and styles, this selection is meant for those kids that are looking for something out of the common. Take a look at our full Boys’ and Girls’ collection here.

Finally, if you are looking to put together a set of pillows, we would like to invite you to take a look at our plain color pillow collection.

You will be able to match any pillow of your choice with our plain color pillows.

However, if you miss any color, write us and we’ll make it available for you:

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of throw pillows for Kids, Toddles, and Nursery.

Any suggestions on new patterns, contact us!

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