Five Great Ideas to Celebrate National Pet Day and Have Fun

Top tips on how to make this special day count

Even though every day spent with pets is truly special, there is that one day of the year dedicated only to them – because they’re worth it. But firstly, before we even start telling you our five amazing ideas to Celebrate National Pet Day and have a lot of fun, we have a question for you: Do you know how this celebration started? We will tell you!

The idea of National Pet Day was born back in 2006 when animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige tried to raise awareness about the importance of adopting abandoned animals from the shelters and giving them home, care, and love they deserve. Summed to such a sublime intention, this day is also meant to remember how much pets enrich people’s lives.

Whether you own a pet or not, there are many ways how you can contribute to this day and raise pet awareness. If you’re lacking inspiration, here are few fun and helpful ideas on how to Celebrate National Pet Day.

1. Get your pet a present on National Pet Day

Regardless of whether your pet is big, small, furry, or bold – it certainly loves treats and presents. So what about stopping by a local pet store and surprise your pet? Some items you could buy could be a delicious treat, a brand new toy, or some nice accessories like a cute pet cushion, which might become his new favorite spot for taking naps, while it can serve as a decorative pillow for the sofa. It’s an absolute win!

2. Spend a day doing fun activities – celebrate this special date

Use this day to go outdoors. For instance, you can take a walk in nature, go on a trip and play your favorite games together. Give your pet some extra love, care, and attention. Or, in case you desire some more quiet time, you might just spend the day cuddling your turtle, cat, or dog on the pillow and under a cozy blanket, to show them how much you appreciate your time together and that you are here to give them unconditional love. After all, pets have a great ability to feel and respond to human emotions and they are eternally grateful for every act of attention you give them.

3. Visit a local animal shelter

One of the reasons we celebrate National Pet Day is to bring awareness to all people about pets living in animal shelters. They are craving love and attention. So, pay a visit to the local animal shelter and take a dog for a walk or cuddle with a cat.

You can also check what are other ways to contribute with your time and offer to volunteer if they need some help. However, if you lack time, an alternative would be to donate things such as money, food, old toys, pet pillows, or blankets.

You will certainly make pets’ lives in the shelter more pleasant.

4. Consider adopting – have a reason to celebrate National Pet Day

Don’t shop, adopt! Plenty of animals are waiting for a loving owner and warm home. If you ever wanted to get a pet, this is a good time to consider giving an abandoned pet a home. In return, it will give you back a hundred times more. You can adopt from an animal shelter or purebred rescue organization.

5. Have a fun photoshoot with your pet

Photoshoots with pets guarantee one thing for sure – loads of fun and laughter. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional photographer. All you have to do is dress up,
set up a nice background, place your pet on a large decorative bed pillow or go outside in nature and make some nice photos. They will certainly be kept forever in your memory.

Besides all, you can even post a picture or video of a funny trick on your Social Media with #NationalPetDay to mark this day and show the importance of taking good care of pets.

Finally, we would suggest you browse social networks like Instagram or Pinterest for more inspiration regarding photoshoots and different activities you can do with your pet. No matter what you decide to do, your pet will be happy just to spend the day with you!

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