Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

10 useful and creative gifts ideas to take to a housewarming party

Surprising a dear one that just became a homeowner is such a great gesture!

But what gift you will take to a housewarming party is not always that obvious and deserves certain attention such as knowing better what are the owner’s taste, hobbies, styles, and so on.

Even though there are plenty of options available out there, here are some tips to ensure you’ll find a housewarming gift that has a great design, that is meaningful, and is handy!

And speaking of handy, why not begin with a cleaning robot?

Cleaning robots

Cleaning robots are getting smarter and cheaper every day.

Seriously, vacuuming and mopping robots are an amazing item to have at home: it saves people loads of time while keeping the house dust-free!

A new homeowner will not only love the robot but also you for this incredible present.

Personalized art

A piece of personalized art or objects can be very meaningful to a new homeowner.

The idea here is to give a present that carries some personal touch on it such as a nice message as simple as “home sweet home”.

It can be wall a frame for the kitchen, a key holder for a wall with an engraved message, a home sweet home personalized succulents’ pot, or even an engraved cutting board.

Welcome carpets

Welcome carpets are a great way to welcome guests. You can tell a lot about a homeowner by the type of carpet they put at the entrance.

For example, if the carpet at the front door displays a message such as: “Oh no. Not You again” you know that this is a funny person. If instead, they choose a carpet featuring a Bible verse, you will know they are religious.

Pay attention to the new homeowner style. How do you think he or she would like to host somebody? With a funny, welcoming, or a cuter type of message?

Set of good knives

Finally, something surprisingly essential to have within reach is a good set of knives. Not everybody realizes how important it’s to have good knives till they get to have them.

Good knives make things simpler and faster in the kitchen. In the end, your dear one will realize how much time he/she has saved by having good knives.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can be fun and they are a great fit for living rooms, guest rooms, nurseries, winter and summer gardens, and even to be used as back support in those high types of kitchen chairs. Choosing a throw pillow will be very easy, but you need to have in mind which room exactly you will place them in!

Putting a pillow set together yourself for their living room, for example, will be a great way to surprise a new homeowner and show them how you care about details.

Pillow set side by side with a nicely designed interior

A small tree

If the new homeowner loves nature, why not choose as a housewarming gift a small tree in a beautiful pot?

Olive, lemon, and mandarin trees are known for making people extremely happy! Those trees can be kept inside the house while they are still small and in more cold seasons, so it will for sure add a pop of nature to the ambiance.

A mug set

Can somebody survive without a mug?

Mugs are people’s best friends, as they are used all the time and every day. Morning coffee, afternoons, and night teas are just some of the moments people like grabbing their mugs and a good hot drink to warm things up.

A set of mugs will last in the cupboard for a long time and there are plenty of options out there as well as if you would prefer personalized mugs.

Good set of bed linen

Surprise New Homeowners with a good bedding set.

Understanding how to find high-quality bedding is not easy. Research yourself and add value to the present!

Choose a more neutral color if you are not that acquainted with the new homeowner person, otherwise, simply trust your knowledge of the person and take the risk! It will be fun.

Photo frames

Who doesn’t like to frame good memories?

Photo frames are great for decoration, at the same time you get the new homeowner the chance to put hands on by choosing the best pics and transforming them into something very special!

However, if you have a closer relationship with this person, you can add printed photos to the frames yourself and make your dear one even happier.

Photo Frame on a Desk

Cloth Napkins and Kitchen Cloths

Decorative Cloth Napkins and Kitchen Cloths are used on a daily basis and will always be useful items in any household.

However, if you prefer to invest in something more special to give as a gift, you can also order special napkins and kitchen cloths to be used on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Days, and Thanksgiving, as examples.

Napkins of different colors

If you are still not convinced, what about taking a look at a second opinion? Read the article by Redfin, with which we have collaborated by giving our tip. It will certainly serve as inspiration: 24 Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners.

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