How to Choose Colors for Your Home

Useful tips and ideas for combining colors in your home

Home decoration could be a lot of work but it is also an opportunity to create a perfect corner just for yourself. Choose the right colors for your home and combining them can be a challenging yet exciting job. We bring you a few tips and ideas on how to choose and combine colors to make the best of it. So, brace yourself to bring some colors into your life!

Colors & psychology

A very colorful heart-shaped flower bouquet held by woman's hands

Colors have a strong impact on our psyche, so we should carefully choose the color palette for home decoration. That is our personal and intimate space where we want to feel warm, cozy, and safe.

Color preference is individual, but they all impact the human brain and emotions in a similar way, on a conscious and subconscious level. That’s why colors are often used by marketers and other psychologically related fields. There are some emotions certain colors evoke, which is what you should have in mind while choosing your color scheme. The red color symbolizes love, fire, and strength, purple stands for spirituality and ambition, blue is calm, stable, and deep, green brings back to nature, grounds, and refreshes, while yellow and orange derive joy, energy, warmth, creativity, and happiness.

Choose the right color combinations for your home

Yellow chair and lamp stand - reading resting corner.

Combining colors can often be tricky. If you’re not so skilled in it, just stick to few basic rules out there. For example, you can use the color wheel with 12 basic colors, to help you understand combine matching colors more easily. The other one is the 60-30-10 rule is great to give you a sense of direction. Those are percentages of color representation in the space and are a great guideline for combining colors. 60% of the area should be represented by one, dominant color. This is usually a background color, including walls, floors, and some pieces of furniture. The second is a decoration color and should take about 30% of the area in order to give contrast to the main color. It usually includes decorative pillows, lamps, or shelves. Lastly, 10% is reserved for the accent color, which gives even greater contrast to the color scheme.

Get inspired

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Search for inspiration on the internet or in interior design magazines. There is plenty of house decore content and visuals available online that can help you choose the best colors for your home. Some websites even have color filters for product selection and easier browsing, where you can easily choose and filter specific items by colors and shades. If you want to give a special touch to your room and be sure that you are selecting the right colors, choose from a set of pillows already thought by designers.

Have the courage to try something new

A sofa full of pillows backing a beautiful green wall with a mirror on it

Don’t be afraid to bring your own touch to it. Even though it might not fit all designer’s rules and regulations or color theories, in the end, you are the one who is going to spend most of their time in that environment. So, make sure you choose something that you really like and create an environment that makes you feel good. Choose this opportunity to be creative and express yourself through an extensive color palette.

Colors are fun and they should be approached that way. So, before you start decorating, get to know yourself, discover what you like and what matches your personality. If you’re in doubt, there are plenty of professionals you can turn to for help, or find some of the endless content available online for inspiration. Relax, enjoy the process and have fun!

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