How to Mix and Match Throw Pillows

Throw pillows might be a finishing detail for your room decor, but they are definitely something to think about more thoroughly. As an important piece of decoration, pillows will give your space a final touch and make it warm and cozy. Decorative pillows can help you elevate your home in a cost-effective way, with little time and a lot of fun. There are plenty of ways on how to choose types of decorative pillows, mix and match throw pillows and find perfect combinations. Just get inspired, use your imagination, and set it free.

Beautiful pillow on the couch in a luxurious living room

Mix and match throw pillows patterns

Mixing throw pillows patterns and prints can do a miracle to elevating your space and keeping it intrigued. Using different samples can bring a great contrast to the neutral colors of the entire space and its larger surfaces. For example, why not combining floral or tropical patterns with some pet prints? Just arrange the throw pillows without thinking much in the context of the whole space and you might get pleasantly surprised with the results.

Colorful pile of pillows to decorate bedrooms and living rooms

Play with shape and size

When it comes to decorative pillows, the possibilities are infinite. Not only you can choose from various patterns, but you can also play with shapes and sizes, which can make a big difference in your space appearance. Pick from small, medium, and big cushions to round, square, or cylindrical-shaped pillows. Also, a very nice element to include is the floor, seating cushion. Have in mind that pillow size can be a very important element, so make sure the pillows don’t outshine your furniture but act as a nice accent to it.

Pillows of different textures and colours on the couch

Combine different textures

Bedroom full of throw pillows of different colors and patterns on the bed and sofa

Besides the shape, size, and patterns of pillows, there are also various textures to play with. Mix and match throw pillows’ fabrics and textures you like. Since textures can sometimes be tricky to deal with, you can always take a peek at some inspirational boards and pick up a few good ideas.  

Don’t forget about pillow covers as well. You can buy a set of pillows, match and combine with different covers, to make it more interesting.

plain color pillows on the sofa

Still, wondering how to choose the best pillows? Remember that pillows are like art. You can use them to express your creative side with it. Throw pillows are a great way to transform the whole look of the area. So get ready for some fun while figuring out how to choose throw pillows for your sofa. Just relax because it’s hard to go wrong.

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